Ho hum, today was a very nice day.

But I must type down these random things that happened before I go to bed.

I saw Corey again after like, two months!!! When I saw him I like jumped out of my seat and ran up to him, and he was like O_O WHAT. And we ended up having lunch together (Chinese food, num) and then we decided to skip the rest of the day and just head home. I welcomed this with open arms, honestly, I'm sick and tired of Law and Politics. Nothing is ever good enough for my TA and every time I go I feel like I wanna throw something at someone. So we laughed the whole way home, talking about stereotypes and driving, and guys and girls in general. He came to my house first and he met my puppies, and then I showed him to my office. He liked the Pink girl in her underwear, haha. I feel like I'm catching him off guard with not only the way I act, but the things I do. I don't mind it so much because I feel good when I can just be myself. I hope he doesn't mind it, haha!

Afterwords we decided to head to the Asian Food Market, and when we saw that there weren't any buns, I was sad, and he told me to buy a piece of cake instead. And I was like THATS A GREAT IDEA. I've been dying to actually have a piece for forever, but I never got the chance to. He got this pork thing, which I still don't understand. it had shredded pork on the outside, but it was like... cake. I don't know. And I go a normal vanilla frosting with sprinkles cake. He bought them both and we went to his place to chill. It reminded me of Shahen's place, adn I really was left practically agape at the door. I think he thought it was because I was making fun of him, but really, it was just a surge of emotion flooding back to me and it caught me off guard, thats all. I made sure to tell him this many times over, but I still think he thought I was making fun of him. My one complaint was that his walls were too bare and needed to be covered in posters, and I'm gonna draw some for him. Because walls can't be bare, thats that. His birthday's on December 29th, so thats a nice excuse to draw him something. And he lives close by, so yeah.

He suggested we walk around the golf course, and I was like, that sounds so boring, but I'm glad he convinced me to go because it was pretty relaxing. Usually I would've been complaining about the cold and the fact that we were walking instead of hanging out inside, but I guess that's how much I enjoyed it. We walked back to his place when it was close for me to go, adn he offered to make me coffee cuz I looked sleepy. And he said we could drink it with the cake, and I was like OK <3

I like my coffee black, and I don't know why. I feel like it's stronger, but it still kinda tastes like poop. But he made me my coffee the way I liked it and we sat and ate cake together until it was time for me to leave. All in all, I had a great time, and I wanna hang out with him again ~<3

Then work. Work was nice, fast, didn't really feel it. Though, there were these tweens who were wearing, and I kid you not, white t-shirts that said TWILIGHT in red hand written letters. and Underneath it said "Only real fans make their shirts." And I stopped myself from throwing boiling water on them. NO YOU. REAL FANS SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY AND BUY COOL SHIRTS. Or, if they're gonna make shirts, put more pride and effort in to their shirts so they're worth keeping around after the movie. Dingbats. And their fucking fraps. And that fucking movie. And tomorrow there will be more of them ;0; FUCKING MOVIE.

That was my day. Now I'm tired and I'm gonna play Layton until mom finds me and yells at me for staying up so late. THE END.