It scares me how angry I've been lately. But Laura helped me deal with quite a bit of it, so it isn't so bad anymore. And the hardcore exercise helped too.

I finally caved and I bought that X 1999 art book that I've wanted for so long. The art was too pretty, and I want it for Christmas. And then I got the Code Geass Rebels art book. It's so beautiful, I had to have it. Trouble is, now there are two other art books that are coming out December 6 for Geass, which I really want, but are 54 a piece. Free shipping, but still. That's a shit load for an art book ;-; And the likelihood that we'll get it in America soon is high, so I'm gonna wait this one out. I also saw the preview for CLAMP in America, Japanese version (UM WHAT) and it looks pretty kick ass. But they seem to also be releasing some Brand new, Spiffy art books for Tsubasa, and I'm waiting for the finals on these too. Mostly because my wallet is very sad.

Sorry it's not much of an update, but I'm like... unhappy. I'm gonna go vent in my shower. Oh, and I'm getting pretty damn far on Given Infinity. That's the only thing that really makes me happy right now.