I guess this is mostly for me, but I need to post it up so I can actually... follow this.

Certain things have come up that are making me step away from anime and manga for a while. It shouldn't be too long, but the minimum is three weeks. I'll try not to post, and I'll try to stay away. Though Layton is ok... because it just is. I can't push away something so fresh. By the way, the little sketchbook dedicated to it for practice purposes is filling up quite nicely. And I've got Layton down almost perfectly, it's just... LUKE. His eyes are such a bitch ;-; Next I need to learn Flora and Legal. I love Legal. And all his sexiness.

And though I have Layton two and three, I can't understand shit, so I might as well not spoil myself anymore than I have -_-. But back to the topic at hand, yeah. So ciao for now!