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I know I said I wouldn't post, but I GOTTA.

I got my Code Geass Art Book, I can't look through it cuz I said none of that until... yeah. It's killing me cuz the cover is SOOOOOO pretty, and it's just SITTING there ;0; An art book that pretty needs to be open at all times! ;0; And it's killing me especially considering how long I've waited for that damn book. Now all I need it my For Your Eyes Only and I'll be set with the orders.

And Britney's new cd? Holy Fuck. I had to stop exercising early so I could sit down and draw to the fucking songs. Many lovely Wazie and Kitty pics. KISSING .0. I can't draw these two having a romantic moment together cuz I always think it comes out WRONG. But these are hot, so nyeh ;d

And and and... Layton is driving me fucking crazy. It's like, how much can you fucking do with these two? Turns out, there's a lot, and I'm not thinking big enough. Fuck that. Really. Wtf. How hot is Layton? How hot is Luke? And why do I feel so wrong reading shit about them even when it's not romantic-y??? Gah, help me. I can't even focus on shit that I'm doing unless it has something to do with these two ;-;

Not. even. Anime.
Hi ! ^^"

I sent you a private message, but you didn't reply it just yet. Maybe you're busy (which I'm sorry if that's the case), maybe you decided you will ignore me (it could be, some random dude writing you a message ^^) OR, maybe you didn't see it ! (<- that's the one I hope for the most).

So, in case you haven't seen it, I'm posting it again, hoping that you will answer me this time ^^;

Nice to meet you! Sorry so so sorry for writing this all of a sudden when you don't even know me.

Well, let me introduce myself ^^

My name is Alex, I am a HUGE huge CLAMP fan like really huge. I run a Livejournal where I post CLAMP news.

So. I found your LJ while googling "CLAMP IN AMERICA".

Yesterday you made a post saying that you saw a preview of the japanese version of CLAMP IN AMERICA? o.O

Really? Where did you see it? Is it possible to say? Also you said they are Tsubasa artbook plans? Could you tell me more about it.

Also, better, is it possible to say anything at all about it? XDDD

I would really appreciate if you could tell me anything ^^;;

I apologize again if I sound random and maybe rude, but I'm really curious about anything new when it comes to CLAMP ^^"""""

Thanks in advance ^__^
Oh my GOD I'm so sorry ;0; I'm not a bitch, I promise you ;-; It's not that I'm ignoring you, I just never check pms??? haha, I'm such a doof ;-; I'M SO SORRY ;-;

I will try to get down as mush as I can!

Ok, so here are the Tsubasa art books. They're mixed with some X, and the seller doesn't have version 2 for some odd reason. Also, there are double images, like, if you get the first version, it's not worth it to get the third one because the same images appear. This was a big turn off for me. It comes with a dvd, but I know NO japanese, thus, this isn't exactly a big plus.




The drawings are great, and the seller does us all a favor with the previews. I almost bought both of them, but I was sad to find out about the double images.

And as for Clamp in America preview, this one is called Clamp in Wonderland, which I believe to be our Clamp in America equivalent.


The seller actually has an enormous amount of art books, and if you look hard enough on ebay, you can find the unreleased Code Geass Art books which include Clamp originals ;0;

Here's the seller:


and here are the Code Geass art books:



They are hefty expensive, and I'm personally waiting until they're officially released, and hopefully wait for their price to go down.

Again, I'm so sorry It took me a while to respond, I hope I helped you with your search. High five, fellow Clamp lover ~<3 And if you ever wanna chat on msn, here's mine:


Let's spaz over Clamp together <3!
Oh yey, thanks for answering my comment! XD I thought maybe you didn't check your PMs, so I went for the comment xD

Ohhh, when I read your entry I thought you meant official artbooks! xD So it's the chinese editions!

>And as for Clamp in America preview, this one is called Clamp in Wonderland, which I believe to be our Clamp in America equivalent.

Oh, that is actually CLAMP Newtype PLATINUM! It was a special edition of Newtype originally released in 2006 ^^ I own the japanese edition and I can tell it's the exact same ^^

I added you on MSN! Let's spaz over CLAMP for sure xD