Amazing how much my schedule has cleared up now that I don't watch or read anything anime related. Though I think it's gonna get me soon. Javier doesn't think it's a good idea to diet, exercise AND push away anime and manga. But so far, it's going pretty well. Though I'm angry quite often. Possibly from the lack of actually doing all the fun things I actually do.

Funny thing! We went to the Douglass dining hall, apparently, the best in Rutgers, and I didn't think it was anything too special. I did watch what I ate, which made me happy. Though not at the time. I was pissed. I wanted this perfection of a Strawberry Shortcake that I saw, but my insides were like WE STILL HURT FROM LAST NIGHT. To make the pain not be in vain (Yes, I actually felt the soreness today, especially in my neck). I gave it up. But let me emphasize. The perfection of this cake. It was fucking perfect. From the strawberry filling to the soft whipped cream to the freshly plucked strawberry. Come to think of it, I should've just ate the fucking cake instead of fucking rice. Yeah, I curse a LOT more now. Don't take my food away from me and not expect this reaction. And don't take away my anime and not expect me to snap at you.

But thank GOD for Layton. I'm warming up to the style. Though Layton is about perfect, in my eyes, Luke has gotten NOWHERE. He still looks like I'm drawing him awkward and ugly ;-; But last night, thankfully, I found something that makes him not look all... like I don't know how to draw him. I love the way he looks in the game, but I think I found a way to draw him where I'm comfortable and I'm willing to do it. No drawing practice today, though. I refuse to go to math tomorrow morning, and I will write and be happy until I have to go to Law and Politics. And I'm only going to that because I missed on Wednesday. Yeah, Wednesday was bad. I have NEVER felt so I DON'T CARE in my life about anything. I just stayed home, exercised until exhaustion, then practiced my Luke love. Wonderful day, but I know I'm somehow going to pay for it.


And I didn't do my math homework because it's like wtf. I don't understand this shit. Therefore, I think it's a waste of time to go to the review and have freaky gundam guy stare me and my drawings down. And then have awkward conversations with people. NO. I will go to law, only because of guilt.

Then the studying begins.

MWAHA. I'm going to DIE ;0; I put off studying this whole week. Thankfully I still have a full week to do it, one day dedicated to each subject, and the weekend. It's not so bad, I don't think. Now, I'm off to burn frustration on puzzles and that wonderful man that we call the Professor.