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I got excited about two days ago when I found this vocaloid winamp skin that I've been looking for! Trust me, it's amazing. She has little computer screens that float around her that give you the description of the song. It's pretty sick. And I found a C.C. winamp skin that's almost as amazing, but not quite. Made by teh same person though, so it's pretty kickass.

Lately I've been playing Layton right before I go to ed, and coincidentally, I wake up insanely tired. Maybe cuz my brain worked so hard just a few minutes before I went to bed ^^; So then this morning I wanted breakfast, and I didn't want to work too hard, but before I knew it, I had made sexy french toast and was watching Paris on tv. I kinda like the house when no one is here. It's like... quiet. And I can cook or eat whatever I want and the tv is on to whatever channel I want! Then I miss my computer and I'm back in the basement. Ah, such is life.

The computer is all Code Geass themed now, its wonderful. I love looking at Lulu all big on my screen with my C.C. winamp in the corner, and my MSN messenger is all pimped out! Chatting has become such a delightful experience hanyan <3

So yesterday I was kidna angry because I'm running out of manga to choose from. I don't want to start a new series because I'm in the middle of Cardcaptor Sakura, as I've mentioned many times already, and I don't want to really start a new one before I finish that one. So there. So I stared at Yugioh for a while,a dn I thought, it wouldn't really be starting a new series... more like continuing an older series. So I got Millenium World 1 and took it to school adn planned on reading it during lunch.

This is a classic example of me underestimating my squee ability.

I got my Chicken Fingers that I love and adore from Livingston and sat down. Ok, really, page one, I almost dropped the book. People can diss the art all they fuckign want, but I can't sit still for a minute when I stare at the art work. And Grandpa was mad sexy in his earlier years. This was the case in the anime, but yeah, he's more hardcore in the manga. He got fucking shot. in the back. By some stupid Graverobber wannabe. That didn't happen in the anime. I had to put down the manga for a minute cuz I felt my face getting hotter. Oh, but that was just the beginning. Seeign Yami in his Pharoh outfit just sent me in to fits that made me incapable of finishing my food. So I ended up throwing it all out and sitting and reading my manga instead.

Needless to say, by the end of it, I think I had grown a fever. it reminded me of the first time I saw Fruits Basket and how every time Yuki spoke my face grew all red and hot. I still don't know why that happens. I feel like I want to pace around for hours or jump or run for like miles. I can't explain the feeling at all, but in the end, I just end up drawing pretty sexy pictures, so I ain't complaining. Doesn't happen too often anymore though. Watanuki had taken Yukis place for a while, but I guess Yami stole it back from everyone. But now I'm seriously considering getting all of Yugioh now. Of course, even before I started liking anime, this was a possibility for me, but soon after I found out that they're releasing new versions of it. Well, I'm getting sick of waiting, and really, I have the art on the computer, and I wanna read the uncensored version of my Yugioh. Because he started this whole mess that I'm in.

They're a lot of volumes, but they aren't that expensive, and I still get my discount. So really, they come out to five dollars for me. And I have the entire Millenium Arc, 3 of the Duel Monster series, and three original Yugioh ones. So that's my new plan. I win, don't I? I know I do, I know I do. My wallet is going to shoot holes through my chest. (Like Grandpa).

AND I work tomorrow night. When that FUCKING movie comes out. I expect to see a shitload of teenagers, all of them wanting to order their fraps!!! Aww.... wait. I remember how obsessed with fraps I was. When I rolplayed with Yami squid (He's a squid now, shutup). Those were good times, haha. Though I do think I was a little more than mentally unstable. I remember I would like, get my coat and make it all floaty on my shoulders when I did it, and sometimes even went to school with it! Though insane, those were probably the best times I had in that nightmare of a place.
I got home today and I saw my packages had arrived ;0; Oh my delight was infinite <333 TWO of them arrived! The DN Angel OSTs and the Lucky Star Art Book! They were so nicely packaged, and the OSTs were shipped so perfectly and quickly, I just ordered them on Friday! I think the shipping was even free on them, and I got them at a perfect price. I'm listening to the second one right now. MONEY WELL SPENT. The covers alone make me a happy duckling. And thinking more about it, I used to like Scores a lot when I was younger. Titanic was my favorite, and it sounds like the Titanic score. BOOM BABY.

The art book is wonderful, even though there ar quite a few pages in Japanese. I don't mind it, cuz the art is so pretty. And I feel all cultured when I look at it on my bookshelf! The art is amazing, I'm so happy I bought it, and actually received it ;0; I wish I had someone to share this excitement with, but instead, I spill all my dorkyness on to the LJ in front of me, haha! I shared some with mom who went a little dork herself when she saw it, and the family was excited for me that I finally got some of the packages I was waiting for~

I checked my receipt from Borders, the one I'm waiting for to actually finish reading Cardcaptor Sakura, and it turns out that I think they ordered me the wrong book. I'm gonna wait till it gets here, and if it's the wrong book, I'm just gonna return it and get it from ebay or something, because this is just fucking RIDICULOUS. I don't know why the Powers that Be won't let me read Cardcaptor Sakura. They are torturing my SOUL. GAH I shall have it by Christmas and that's that.

I got a nice little morning off today, which I spent playing video games and dancing around the house. It was relaxing considering how much work and studying I've been doing. And coming home to find that no packages had been shipped bothered me too. But today I was a very happy duck who got some of her stuff ^^ <3 And I updated my music player so I got to listen to some Japanese Music at school today! Utada Hikaru and Yui Makino mostly (LOVE THEM) But now I wanna put the OSTs on the music player so I can walk around with a wonderfully anime music packed player. Hoorah~
Shit. I just realized I'm working the night that fucking movie comes out.

I never got in to the book, I don't exactly plan to, and I even lent the first one to Emma. I think I might just give her the other two, just to be rid of them. I don't see myself getting in to the whole Vampire thing, nothing ever really turned me on to them. But eh, I said the same thing about anime and cursed its very existence not too long ago.

I'm trying REALLY hard not to crack and watch Code Geass. I'm saving that entirely for Christmas break. But the pictures and the art just make me so happy ~hanyan~! And I was two seconds from getting that Lelouch figma, but I stopped myself. It's like... doing drugs. You say you want a to try a bit and then you'll stop, but that doesn't work for me. So I'm staying away from the whole figma and figure scene. I don't see a reason to have them at the moment anyway, considering that my living quarters are kind of... nomad in character. I don't really belong anywhere, or when I want to rest or relax or whatever, I don't have a set spot. Ick, that's kinda depressing, I'm not going to go in to that.

So on Friday, I was trying to kill 15 minutes and actually went in to the break room for my break (I'm usually outside eating or looking at books)! Turns out that there were two other girls there, and right on the table was Tokyopops release list for next year. With pretty pictures. I WAS EXCITED and tried not to spaz. I sat down and looked through it, and YEY Natsuki Takaya is releasing her first couple of mangas that she published. I wanted to order them online, but now I won't have to cuz she's releasing them soon! I do like how her art is extremely similar in all her books, and I just kinda wait for the Fruits Basket Characters to pop up, but they don't, so nyeh. And everyone's personality is so different, you wouldn't think that they were anything alike, but they do act in the similar I LOVE YOU way. Lets see, what else... there were other things that excited me too, but I can't quite remember them ^^;

So the girl in front of me was like "mmm, manga <3!" And I looked up and thought she was making fun of me, but her face was all happy. She was like "I love manga!" And inside, I was so very very happy <3! She asked me what my favorite series was, and I told her Fruits Basket and anything Clamp. And she went on a whole thing about Tsubasa and how much she loves Clamp too. So we were all giddy and talking about Clamp! She works in the kids section, and I work in the Cafe. THEN she was like "Have you heard of Gravitation?" and I was immediately brought back to the apartment with Jen. I still remember looking over her shoulder and seeing that she was watching an anime with a pink haired dude who liked the blonde haired one. I think his name was Yuki, and she was like WATCH WITH ME <3 It makes me sad to think how much more I could've appreciated living with someone like her. I miss Jen, and I hope she's ok.

But anyway, I said yes, and she was SO excited. She asked me if I liked it, and in truth, I didn't really. I just watched it until the end because Jen asked me to. The story seemed over worked to me, and I don't like the whole POPSTAR story thing. And the characters never really grabbed me. So I told her that I didn't like the anime and she was like NO, the anime was HORRIBLE, but the manga is so much better! So now I'm upset because I kinda wanna take a look at it, but my wallet will never forgive me. And I told her I was more in to Loveless, and she squeed. I've never seen anyone squee like that, i twas cute. BUT THEN.... OUR MANAGERS CAME IN. To my horror, she kept going on about the kitty ears, and how much she loves Ritsuka with Soubi and their whole relationship, and I saw one of them give us a weird look. I don't know how I must've looked with my smile frozen on my face and my eyes bloodshot from horror. I love Yaoi, that story I'm working on has gay guys, I'm very open about it with my family, but when it comes to the work environment, I tend to keep my mouth shut. They know I love anime and manga, but they don't know about the whole Yaoi situation. I must say, it was interesting. She saw that I looked uncomfortable, so she laughed and was like "Oh they know all about me, don't worry!" Our managers are all so sweet, I've never seen them outright judge us for our purchases. I love my job, and I met a new friend who I'll hopefully see again!

My purchases still haven't come. It's like someone doesn't want me to read Cardcaptor Sakura. OH YEAH <3333333 Wonderful news. HLJ had Your Eyes Only in stock, and they shipped it out to me already. Great price, available, and I'll have it very soon... I almost dropped the laptop when I read that they were sending it to me. I've been wanting this book since January. That's the longest I've wanted something. I still remember searching EVERYWHERE on the internet for it. I guess I just wasn't looking in the right places, but YEY I'm gonna have it within a week, definitely before Thanksgiving!

And I'm putting off reading the New Fruits Basket because I know I'm just gonna cry my eyes out. For a Manga. The only Manga that's made me do that is Yugioh and Fruits Basket. WHY?!?
So... I just bought the D.N. Angel OST's from ebay because it seemed impossible to find online. Brand new, good prices, can't complain.


I just spent more money.

To my dismay, I just learned that HLJ is gonna ship me another Lucky Star Art Book. WTF am I gonna do with two? That stuff's expensive ;-; And I have no Lucky Start loving friend to even give it to for Christmas or something ;-; Or maybe I'll just be a Konata and hav etwo. One to read and one to just admire in its package XD That's only if worse comes to worse and they won't cancel my order cuz that shits expensive :|
Small update before I start on my law brief. I promise e_e

This past week has been a nightmare. The only good thing was that I had more hang out time with Laura, but it was on icky stupid Latin American terms ;-; But we did have a good lunch this afternoon, which I'm grateful for <3 But yeah, this week has just been like GAH with work.

Putting ~THAT~ aside. I got a bunch of OST's, including Cardcaptor Sakura (I'm hooked) Kanon, Clannad, Deathnote and I'm hunting for a few more. But the music makes me so damn happy ;-; I'm just a lazy lil one that refuses to put them in my mp3 player. I've been keeping it home for some reason I don't even know. I'm just so damn lazy I don't want to put new music on it because my music folder is just plain disgusting right now. There's so much music and it's all unorganized. And I don't feel like going through everything and putting the music I like in the mp3. There are so many, and I keep finding new songs everyday, so yeah, kinda messed up. Also got some Utada Hikaru, hooked on her as well. I was missing my mp3 player today at school, as well as a caot, but hey, whatever.

While I was supposed to be writing a term paper, I ended up on ebay and shopping for Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise. BAD IDEA. Ebay really does have fucking EVERYTHING. I restrained myself as much as I could and I bought the last volume of Master of the Clow, the one book I'm missing. And I also got to see that the latest Fruits Basket came out. So today I had to go check my work schedule anyway, so I ended up at Barnes and Noble after school. I was the first one to buy the book ~<3! That made me soooo happy. Everything was all stocked and perfect, and I went and left the huge gap in the Fruits Basket books. Rin is on the cover, and I peeked at the last page. Looks like Yuki and Machi finally end up together, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. That boy needs to continue being in a threesome with the other two. But ugh I'm gonna start ranting, which is a bad idea considering how much I need to do.

So, I'm waiting for the last two Cardcaptor Sakura books and the Lucky Star art book. I hope I get them all tomorrow? One can hope, yes? I want them tomorrow and not today so I can focus. The Fruits Basket manga alone sitting with the other books really bothers me, adn the fact that I have the manga for Cardcaptor Sakura and I won't read them makes me like NYEHHHH. And not much longer for the next Tsubasa too. I promised myself I would reread Tsubasa after I finish Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, xxxHolic and Legal Drug. Already I tried reading xxxHolic again and when I saw the Legal Drug guys in it I was so happy. And the references in Cardcaptor Sakura remind me of Yuko ~<3

OH YEAH. Yesterday before school started, I was like, I wanna watch some anime. So I took out the Sakura movie, and to my dismay, it was in english. But I was like, hey, I wonder how different it could possibly be. Oh. My. God. Tomoyo = Madison, Toya = Tori, Yuki = Julian... it was HORRIBLE. I wanted to cry it was so bad. The music, I think, is very good in english and I think it suits Cardcaptor Sakura better, but the voices, the story line and even the names just ruined everything for me. Immediately I looked for it in Japanese and I'm just waiting for some free time to actually watch it. I am keeping the english version for personal reasons though. But I mush prefer the subs and its original form.

I can't wait for Britney's new album~
Well, everything's pretty much registered online, my paypal, my ebay account, my amazon... haha, my poor moneys ^^; But, just to try out the whole system, I decided to actually order something. So my first choice was the Tsubasa Art book. I looked for it, found it on ebay, but the shipping is 20 damn dollahs. So I was like, that's forty dollars for one book. No thank you, I'll wait. And then I wanted the Code Geass one. I had to look a bit for this one, but found a bunch for like, over 60 dollahs. So, this was even worse ;-; I mean, to be realistic, Code Geass is BIG. This book is most likely going to come back in to stock with Hobby Link Japan. And it's twenty dollahs there, so I'm just gonna sit and wait. Same with the Loveless book, it's so expensive with shipping and everything ;-; So out of the four art books, I decided to get the Lucky Star Art Book. It's ten dollars more than Hobby Link Japan, with shipping it came to 28 dollahs, so I think it was a pretty good buy. Considering how much I love Lucky Star art ;-; And also, it looks like there's a second art book floating on the internet, and if I like the book regardless of the Japanese text, then I'm gonna get the second one. I already found it on ebay, haha!

And for some strange reason, I'm immensely tired. I could barely keep my eyes open today. I didn't stay up that late last night. This sucks. When I stay up doing work, I'm utterly exhausted the next day, yet I can stay up until 3 in the friggin' morning writing and drawing and the next day I'm as fit as a fiddle. School adds years on to my life ;0; Decided to just relax at home today instead of going to teach, so here I am, watching and getting anime, ordering art books... haha, I'm enjoying myself! Though, I do need to be careful, cuz I have a midterm on Friday and a brief due on Friday and an essay on thursday. I'll be ok. "I'll definately be ok." *sniff* I can't quit doodling Tomoyo-chan everywhere. If I had an anime best friend, I would have that girl. Second choice is Tohru. I know, it's BAD <3333

I drew Nicholas a Chi birthday card yesterday! He was really happy with the Sonic wall scroll too, and he loved the card, he thought she was very sexy. I must say that I'm proud of the drawing too. I thought Chi would be mad hard, but I got her down pretty true to what she actually looks like, so I'm glad <3 God, I'm still so tired.
I no longer have a desk chair. I now have a sofa which I gladly sit at to watch anime and draw. It's quite relaxing, I wonder why I never did this before. I swear, the office looks more ghetoo than ever. But it makes me SO happy to see my Fruits Basket poster next to my computer instead of random Kanon. I never watched Kanon, I'm planning to, but I have no idea who those girls are, and they were right next to my computer. No no.

I'm excited cuz I get to watch Madagascar 2 today with the bros. Some nice relaxation at the movies will make me happy. And paypal and everything is confirmed, and I already asked Kaoru-chan about the commission, so that's underway. That still seems so out there to me. I never thought I'd ever get a commission from her, but here I am, asking prices, with a paypal account, ready to go. Once I actually get it, if I get a spot in line, I don't know if I'll ever be able to touch it without getting goosebumps *_* HANYAN <3333

Oh, I finished Cardcaptor Sakura! I must say, I felt let down by the ending. I was waiting for this whole TIE UP story at the end, but there was nothing. And Sakura and Li made me sad. But when she started calling him Syaoran-kun, I got teary. Cuz he loves her so much, and to have her call him that was like AUGH <3 So yes, I enjoyed watching Cardcaptor Sakura sprawled on my sofa. And I couldn't get enough of Toya and Yuki. Great series, I must say it comes in at number two. Number one is Fruits Basket, then Cardcaptor Sakura, then Yugioh. Then the rest kinda fall in to place, haha.

Friday was fun. We had mochas and laughed at people and had a good time. But you know, I realized that I'm not looking for anyone yet. So I told him that we should just be friends. He didn't hate me, so that was nice. We hugged and he went on his way. Then I proceeded to walk through the streets of the city in a sexy coat and expensive earings. I was scared for my life, but I'm ok, haha.

AND its been some time since I wrote the first part ^^; Just got back from watching Madagascar 2. That shit. Was so funny. Unbelievable. Loved it, would've watched it again if Javier wasn't such a wuss and didn't want to to go back home. Eh, I guess I have work to do too. I'm gonna tidy up some before I write my essay and do some math homework. Yey for no distractions. Hopefully ^^;

I went to Morning Glory today, cuz I've been wanting to go for weeks now, I just never got the time to, and since I just finished up the midterm, I decided to just drop on by. The last time I went there was with Anne, and I remember being all like "I don't wanna be here, I hate anime." I thought it was funny how the tables so drastically turned.

Anyway, I walked in, and I was met with a FRUITS BASKET PILLOW. I was staring at it for a while, probably scaring the shop keeper. I was exploding on the inside, really. So I tried to keep my cool and I swiped it and I was like "OK IM OK". And then I looked to the side of it and I saw all these anime plushies, including Sailor Moon, L, and RIGHTO. I wanted a Death Note plushy ;-; But damn they were expensive. The pillow, regardless if it was 50 bucks, I would've gotten. But with a series like Death note, I'm not as open with prices. And I looked around and found Fruits Basket wall scrolls, another Fruits Basket poster, and a Fruits Basket wallet ;-; No one understands how close I came to just spazzing. But I maintained my cool. Somehow. Though the look in my eyes must have been showing because they offered to hold my items because " I had a lot". That was understatement. I was trying to grab as many things as I could. So they saved my Fruits Basket items at the front while I kept shopping.

I FOUND YUGIOH MERCHANDISE. There was a Yugioh clock, with a Yami figure attached, and I almost swiped that, but it was dusty and it didn't look the least bit like Yami. I couldn't believe I was being picky with Yugioh merchandise, but I was. I settled for a smaller one with him and Mahado posing. And I found FOLDERS and NOTEBOOKS and A FRUITS BASKET MUG ;0; Oh, I was sobbing inside. All the while I was thinking, my art books are going to cost me over a hundred dollars, I shouldn't be in here buying more anime merchandise ;-; And then I thought about the ever disgusting economy, and what a brat I was being, and I wanted to cry again ;-;

But I got better.

I put everything together and evaluated all the prices. Each was around twenty dollars, and I had like hundred things. And then there was a Sakura, Sonic and Yugi wall scroll that were like ten bucks each ;-; And I saw the Sonic ones, and they really were gorgeous. And then I thought of Nicholas and how his birthday is in a couple of days. So I gave up my Fruits Basket wall scroll and got him a Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games wall scroll. I could've gotten him some manga or actual books from the bookstore with an insane discount, but I know he would really r3eally like the poster, so I acted selfless <3

I will post pictures on my anime blog (whenever I get the damn time) btu I ended up getting the Yami clock, three Yugioh folders (they're actually badass. Their designs are kick ass) a Fruits Basket paper poster, and the Fruits Basket Pillow. The Yami clock is on my desk, ticking away. I can tell it's from like, 1992 haha <3

Now to set up my pay pal account, order some art books, and relax and watch anime for the rest of the day.

It sucks that I don't think we were ever really friends. She could've told me about this place. We had the same interests, liked the same shows, I always showed her new shit and bought her stuff whenever I could. I know I shouldn't bring it up, and I usually don't think about it, but when I went in there, I remembered her and I got angry. All that stuff, always there, and she never said anything. But Karma's a bitch. Maybe I won't see it when you get yours, but you will. And I won't feel the least bit upset about it.
Coffee + Red Bull = late night dances and insane amount of studying. Forget that I procrastinated all day yesterday, I stayed up til like 3 learning about the fourteenth amendment and EQUAL PROTECTION. THough I find it funny how I was studying for a law midterm and half watching the news waiting for the next President to be announced. And most of the cases, if not all, delat with minorities and blacks in the early 1900s. Then Obama got announced and I was like "Wow... not too long ago, Obama wouldn't have even been considered an equally protected citizen of this country." And it's true, and I back it up with clauses to the fourteenth amendment because I'm a dork and couldn't sleep last night.

So now I'm afraid I have a small addiction to black coffee. I can't keep my hands off of it, and I think it works better than Red Bull. It's insanely more healthy though, which I'm happy about. And despite the fact that I've been studying to teh point that my eyes might just give up on me and run away, this shit is fun to learn about. I feel like I'm running around everywhere trying to find a direct answer for everything, so it's like... I'm working hard to find this info. Cuz our teacher's kinda... not helpful in that sense. I think we talk more about baseball than actual law in his class, but he's a cool guy.

I have a little over an hour before i have to go to the exam and I'm BORED. I wanna look at anime figures and read anime blogs ;-; And update my own, of course, but I can't. Not right now. I have to focus just a little more on this. GAH see! My procrastination lead me to the computer labs at Livingston to update my lj ;0;