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God, what am I still doing here??? Looking at Layton fanart of course. Surprisingly, I care less and less about actually watching anime. It's all I've done for a year now, and I feel like it's been turned off. Maybe for now, but we'll see. My brother is gonna buy me the soon to be released Geass art book, and I'm gonna buy the other one cuz... DAMN Geass is amazing ;-;

Just a heads up. I'm gonna be moving. Hopefully things will be better.

Catch you on the internetz?

Yes, yes I will. If you can find me.
Amazing how much my schedule has cleared up now that I don't watch or read anything anime related. Though I think it's gonna get me soon. Javier doesn't think it's a good idea to diet, exercise AND push away anime and manga. But so far, it's going pretty well. Though I'm angry quite often. Possibly from the lack of actually doing all the fun things I actually do.

Funny thing! We went to the Douglass dining hall, apparently, the best in Rutgers, and I didn't think it was anything too special. I did watch what I ate, which made me happy. Though not at the time. I was pissed. I wanted this perfection of a Strawberry Shortcake that I saw, but my insides were like WE STILL HURT FROM LAST NIGHT. To make the pain not be in vain (Yes, I actually felt the soreness today, especially in my neck). I gave it up. But let me emphasize. The perfection of this cake. It was fucking perfect. From the strawberry filling to the soft whipped cream to the freshly plucked strawberry. Come to think of it, I should've just ate the fucking cake instead of fucking rice. Yeah, I curse a LOT more now. Don't take my food away from me and not expect this reaction. And don't take away my anime and not expect me to snap at you.

But thank GOD for Layton. I'm warming up to the style. Though Layton is about perfect, in my eyes, Luke has gotten NOWHERE. He still looks like I'm drawing him awkward and ugly ;-; But last night, thankfully, I found something that makes him not look all... like I don't know how to draw him. I love the way he looks in the game, but I think I found a way to draw him where I'm comfortable and I'm willing to do it. No drawing practice today, though. I refuse to go to math tomorrow morning, and I will write and be happy until I have to go to Law and Politics. And I'm only going to that because I missed on Wednesday. Yeah, Wednesday was bad. I have NEVER felt so I DON'T CARE in my life about anything. I just stayed home, exercised until exhaustion, then practiced my Luke love. Wonderful day, but I know I'm somehow going to pay for it.


And I didn't do my math homework because it's like wtf. I don't understand this shit. Therefore, I think it's a waste of time to go to the review and have freaky gundam guy stare me and my drawings down. And then have awkward conversations with people. NO. I will go to law, only because of guilt.

Then the studying begins.

MWAHA. I'm going to DIE ;0; I put off studying this whole week. Thankfully I still have a full week to do it, one day dedicated to each subject, and the weekend. It's not so bad, I don't think. Now, I'm off to burn frustration on puzzles and that wonderful man that we call the Professor.
I know I said I wouldn't post, but I GOTTA.

I got my Code Geass Art Book, I can't look through it cuz I said none of that until... yeah. It's killing me cuz the cover is SOOOOOO pretty, and it's just SITTING there ;0; An art book that pretty needs to be open at all times! ;0; And it's killing me especially considering how long I've waited for that damn book. Now all I need it my For Your Eyes Only and I'll be set with the orders.

And Britney's new cd? Holy Fuck. I had to stop exercising early so I could sit down and draw to the fucking songs. Many lovely Wazie and Kitty pics. KISSING .0. I can't draw these two having a romantic moment together cuz I always think it comes out WRONG. But these are hot, so nyeh ;d

And and and... Layton is driving me fucking crazy. It's like, how much can you fucking do with these two? Turns out, there's a lot, and I'm not thinking big enough. Fuck that. Really. Wtf. How hot is Layton? How hot is Luke? And why do I feel so wrong reading shit about them even when it's not romantic-y??? Gah, help me. I can't even focus on shit that I'm doing unless it has something to do with these two ;-;

Not. even. Anime.
I guess this is mostly for me, but I need to post it up so I can actually... follow this.

Certain things have come up that are making me step away from anime and manga for a while. It shouldn't be too long, but the minimum is three weeks. I'll try not to post, and I'll try to stay away. Though Layton is ok... because it just is. I can't push away something so fresh. By the way, the little sketchbook dedicated to it for practice purposes is filling up quite nicely. And I've got Layton down almost perfectly, it's just... LUKE. His eyes are such a bitch ;-; Next I need to learn Flora and Legal. I love Legal. And all his sexiness.

And though I have Layton two and three, I can't understand shit, so I might as well not spoil myself anymore than I have -_-. But back to the topic at hand, yeah. So ciao for now!
The worst thing ever.

I'm inspired, I'm ready, I bought art supplies. I now have a little sketchbook that's going to be dedicated to learning to PERFECT LAYTON AND LUKE.

Now the bad part.

I have to work.

Until 11.

I stayed up till 2 something last night just reading Layton fanfics. Oh, they made me so happy ;0;
It's fucking done.

I am officially and completely obsessed with Layton and his ever faithful assistant LUKE. Expect fanart, fanfics, obsession.

The end.
I hadn't realized how much I missed you. Thank you for letting me be with you today. I think you understand how bad I needed someone, and you were there. So thank you. Even though you think I was cute about it, I really did need you, and you really did help me.

Goodnight Silly. Love you, bitch.
It scares me how angry I've been lately. But Laura helped me deal with quite a bit of it, so it isn't so bad anymore. And the hardcore exercise helped too.

I finally caved and I bought that X 1999 art book that I've wanted for so long. The art was too pretty, and I want it for Christmas. And then I got the Code Geass Rebels art book. It's so beautiful, I had to have it. Trouble is, now there are two other art books that are coming out December 6 for Geass, which I really want, but are 54 a piece. Free shipping, but still. That's a shit load for an art book ;-; And the likelihood that we'll get it in America soon is high, so I'm gonna wait this one out. I also saw the preview for CLAMP in America, Japanese version (UM WHAT) and it looks pretty kick ass. But they seem to also be releasing some Brand new, Spiffy art books for Tsubasa, and I'm waiting for the finals on these too. Mostly because my wallet is very sad.

Sorry it's not much of an update, but I'm like... unhappy. I'm gonna go vent in my shower. Oh, and I'm getting pretty damn far on Given Infinity. That's the only thing that really makes me happy right now.
You know, I say that my wallet cries all the time and what not, and I failed to realize how true this was until today.

Talk about rude awakening. I feel like I want more hours at work now ;0; But I just finished closing hours, so now they're only giving me hours like once a week. It feels like OUCH. I guess finals will thank me, as well as my body in the long run I guess. I've been weening myself off Redbull cuz I think I'm kinda getting how bad it is for me. Coffee is much better, I gotta admit. it keeps me up for a longer amount of time.

So I started reading Piece of Cake, an utterly amazing memoir, and its been difficult to pull myself away. Considering reading it again once I'm done. Because when I read books, I usually end up love love loving it. So I bought that yesterday, and conveniently saw Code Geass volume two of the manga, so is wiped that up as well. I only just bought the new Tsubasa on Thursday! It's amazing how bad I am with handling my money. Gah.

And today I drove to Rutgers and had a playdate with Laura. We ate mad good chinese food, drove all around, ended up at an asian food market, where I introduced her to buns (NUMMY) and asian candy. She had never been in it before, so we were excited at the prospect of so much food. I was going to explode though, I was so fucking full. But asian food is nummy, so we bought Pocky and went on our merry way to a mall. We bought discounted books at Barnes and Noble. Ok, LISTEN TWEENAGERS. All the books they have for the tweenagers have to do with fucking VAMPIRES. I want to know what the FUCK is up with that. I saw the occasional fairy book too. Seriously, I'm all up for fantasy, but it was really every other fucking book. Laura likes the vampire stuff, so she introduced me to a few books. Unfortunately, there was one series that sounded very much like my Given Infinity. So that pissed me off, and I'm gonna start reading it. It's about these blue blood vampires that practically run the city. They explain why superstars and models are so beautiful, its because they're vampires. So I was like... LIKE MY SPIRIT CHILDREN ARE ALL PRETTY BECAUSE THEY HAVE DIVINE BLOOD IN THEM?! And then there's the renegade ones that commit crimes and whatever... and I was like... FUCK. It bothers me because I feel completely unoriginal, and I've never even heard of this stupid tween series. I must find out for myself, so its next on the list for me to read.

And, haha, after swearing that I'd never buy skinny jeans, I bought them today. But I can explain. They're NEON pink. And they fit pretty damn well. Laura talked me in to it. We wanted colorful pants, and they fit, so I thought, why not? They are sexy and nummy. Then I helped Laura buy some jeans from New York and Company, she left looking mad sexy, and I was happy to be able to help someone find something ~<3 And they really did look good on her, so I felt accomplished. So then all the stores started closing, so we were forced back to Barnes and Noble where we bought Strawberries and Creme fraps and Blended Lemonades. Then we rushed home. It was an adventure, and we bonded, so I had a lot of fun, but for some baffling reason, I'm exhausted.

I'm gonna watch Aria now -_-
Ho hum, today was a very nice day.

But I must type down these random things that happened before I go to bed.

I saw Corey again after like, two months!!! When I saw him I like jumped out of my seat and ran up to him, and he was like O_O WHAT. And we ended up having lunch together (Chinese food, num) and then we decided to skip the rest of the day and just head home. I welcomed this with open arms, honestly, I'm sick and tired of Law and Politics. Nothing is ever good enough for my TA and every time I go I feel like I wanna throw something at someone. So we laughed the whole way home, talking about stereotypes and driving, and guys and girls in general. He came to my house first and he met my puppies, and then I showed him to my office. He liked the Pink girl in her underwear, haha. I feel like I'm catching him off guard with not only the way I act, but the things I do. I don't mind it so much because I feel good when I can just be myself. I hope he doesn't mind it, haha!

Afterwords we decided to head to the Asian Food Market, and when we saw that there weren't any buns, I was sad, and he told me to buy a piece of cake instead. And I was like THATS A GREAT IDEA. I've been dying to actually have a piece for forever, but I never got the chance to. He got this pork thing, which I still don't understand. it had shredded pork on the outside, but it was like... cake. I don't know. And I go a normal vanilla frosting with sprinkles cake. He bought them both and we went to his place to chill. It reminded me of Shahen's place, adn I really was left practically agape at the door. I think he thought it was because I was making fun of him, but really, it was just a surge of emotion flooding back to me and it caught me off guard, thats all. I made sure to tell him this many times over, but I still think he thought I was making fun of him. My one complaint was that his walls were too bare and needed to be covered in posters, and I'm gonna draw some for him. Because walls can't be bare, thats that. His birthday's on December 29th, so thats a nice excuse to draw him something. And he lives close by, so yeah.

He suggested we walk around the golf course, and I was like, that sounds so boring, but I'm glad he convinced me to go because it was pretty relaxing. Usually I would've been complaining about the cold and the fact that we were walking instead of hanging out inside, but I guess that's how much I enjoyed it. We walked back to his place when it was close for me to go, adn he offered to make me coffee cuz I looked sleepy. And he said we could drink it with the cake, and I was like OK <3

I like my coffee black, and I don't know why. I feel like it's stronger, but it still kinda tastes like poop. But he made me my coffee the way I liked it and we sat and ate cake together until it was time for me to leave. All in all, I had a great time, and I wanna hang out with him again ~<3

Then work. Work was nice, fast, didn't really feel it. Though, there were these tweens who were wearing, and I kid you not, white t-shirts that said TWILIGHT in red hand written letters. and Underneath it said "Only real fans make their shirts." And I stopped myself from throwing boiling water on them. NO YOU. REAL FANS SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY AND BUY COOL SHIRTS. Or, if they're gonna make shirts, put more pride and effort in to their shirts so they're worth keeping around after the movie. Dingbats. And their fucking fraps. And that fucking movie. And tomorrow there will be more of them ;0; FUCKING MOVIE.

That was my day. Now I'm tired and I'm gonna play Layton until mom finds me and yells at me for staying up so late. THE END.