You know, I say that my wallet cries all the time and what not, and I failed to realize how true this was until today.

Talk about rude awakening. I feel like I want more hours at work now ;0; But I just finished closing hours, so now they're only giving me hours like once a week. It feels like OUCH. I guess finals will thank me, as well as my body in the long run I guess. I've been weening myself off Redbull cuz I think I'm kinda getting how bad it is for me. Coffee is much better, I gotta admit. it keeps me up for a longer amount of time.

So I started reading Piece of Cake, an utterly amazing memoir, and its been difficult to pull myself away. Considering reading it again once I'm done. Because when I read books, I usually end up love love loving it. So I bought that yesterday, and conveniently saw Code Geass volume two of the manga, so is wiped that up as well. I only just bought the new Tsubasa on Thursday! It's amazing how bad I am with handling my money. Gah.

And today I drove to Rutgers and had a playdate with Laura. We ate mad good chinese food, drove all around, ended up at an asian food market, where I introduced her to buns (NUMMY) and asian candy. She had never been in it before, so we were excited at the prospect of so much food. I was going to explode though, I was so fucking full. But asian food is nummy, so we bought Pocky and went on our merry way to a mall. We bought discounted books at Barnes and Noble. Ok, LISTEN TWEENAGERS. All the books they have for the tweenagers have to do with fucking VAMPIRES. I want to know what the FUCK is up with that. I saw the occasional fairy book too. Seriously, I'm all up for fantasy, but it was really every other fucking book. Laura likes the vampire stuff, so she introduced me to a few books. Unfortunately, there was one series that sounded very much like my Given Infinity. So that pissed me off, and I'm gonna start reading it. It's about these blue blood vampires that practically run the city. They explain why superstars and models are so beautiful, its because they're vampires. So I was like... LIKE MY SPIRIT CHILDREN ARE ALL PRETTY BECAUSE THEY HAVE DIVINE BLOOD IN THEM?! And then there's the renegade ones that commit crimes and whatever... and I was like... FUCK. It bothers me because I feel completely unoriginal, and I've never even heard of this stupid tween series. I must find out for myself, so its next on the list for me to read.

And, haha, after swearing that I'd never buy skinny jeans, I bought them today. But I can explain. They're NEON pink. And they fit pretty damn well. Laura talked me in to it. We wanted colorful pants, and they fit, so I thought, why not? They are sexy and nummy. Then I helped Laura buy some jeans from New York and Company, she left looking mad sexy, and I was happy to be able to help someone find something ~<3 And they really did look good on her, so I felt accomplished. So then all the stores started closing, so we were forced back to Barnes and Noble where we bought Strawberries and Creme fraps and Blended Lemonades. Then we rushed home. It was an adventure, and we bonded, so I had a lot of fun, but for some baffling reason, I'm exhausted.

I'm gonna watch Aria now -_-